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Capturing Building Data with OCR and AI Technology

  • October 25, 2021
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Zoom Meeting


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Speaker: Dara O’Neill

Committed Energy Efficiency Advocate, and passionate climate change activist, who has founded and built multiple companies in the industry to tackle the crisis.  Expert in Building Automation, FinTech Software, AI, and data analysis to tackle major climate issues and provide solutions to drive efficacy. Results-focused executive with strengths in leadership, strategy, sales, development, business process and new program development. Skilled communicator and change agent who excels at developing strong interpersonal relationships to effectively communicate vision, guide change initiatives and drive outstanding business results that contribute to company growth, competitive strength and business evolution. Recent emphasis introducing and implementing sophisticated energy solutions for large dispersed corporate retail portfolios. A solid track record exceeding targeted results.
EMPEQ’s technology platform offers a suite of tools designed to: expedite the approval process for clients; auto capture equipment data for Energy Audits, and financing solutions via FastSiteSurvey. Three of the founders are Upstate New York natives and headquartered in Ithaca, NY. EMPEQ allows small to mid-sized businesses in any sector to upgrade their essential building equipment, such as HVAC or lighting, with simple and swift financing through their fintech subscription model. There are very few financing solutions that can approve an organization for a financial solution with just two pieces of information without need for a personal guarantee, and EMPEQ is one of them.  

Technical Description

Stakeholders in the built environment spend millions of hours annually conducting building audits and inventorying building systems equipment. They use the information to identify opportunities to reduce building energy consumption. What about the efficiency of gathering the required data to determine what is possible? The costs associated with gathering accurate building systems data to analyze and then generate proposals for energy efficient improvements is significant. Emerging OCR and AI technology are poised to streamline the accurate capture of building systems equipment data. The evolution from paper and pencil, to fat fingering model numbers and serial numbers onto spreadsheets in the field, to using OCR and AI to accurately and quickly capture pertinent data will be explored in this webinar. Technology innovations have slashed the time required to capture equipment data, freeing up countless hours and reducing costs for engineering firms. Explore how technology is introducing efficiency to the process of generating proposals for building improvements. 

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